T.D 2900-Automatic Picking Pumpkin Seed Harvesting Machine

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T.D 2900-Automatic Picking Pumpkin Seed Harvesting Machine


  1. It picks the pumpkins automatically without requiring human power.
  2. The seeds of the pumpkins broken up in the crusher are separated in the Batur reservoir.
  3. Capacity is increased thanks to the Batur reservoir, which is increased by 2900 mm in length.
  4. The seeds cleaned in the 1st and 2nd cleaning tambour are transferred to the grain container.
  5. The seeds coming from the grain container are conveyed in the hose by the help of pressured air to the storage
  6. The wetness of the seed and the 20% of the moisture are expelled by the compressed air from the perforated sheet on the storage.
  7. In this way, the seed comes out much cleaner and drying times of the grains are reduced by 40%.
  8. Thanks to its 400 rows of 8 pins on the cylinder, it also has the ability to pick small pumpkins.
  9. The pins on the cylinder are of the feature of a bolt-on attachment and extension and shortening.
  10. Thanks to the weed cleaning brush unit mounted on the cylinder, it prevents some of the weeds that come with the pumpkin from getting into the machine.
  11. The 1st and 2nd cleaning tambours (sieve plates) are mounted on the machine with un-welded bolts. The required sieve sheet can be easily removed and installed on this way.
  12. The capacity of the machine has been increased thanks to the Batur chamber which is enlarged in circle size.

The issues to cared be about

  1. Pumpkins that are removed from their stems and placed in the row are waited for 8-10 days.
  2. Waiting time should not be too high or low.
  3. Pumpkin rows must be equal to each other.
  4. If the field in which the pumpkin is planted is barren and pumpkins are small, it is necessary to combine several rows as the capacity of the machine is high.
  5. Weeds and stones should be cleaned from the pumpkin rows.
  6. The machine should be washed with plenty of water every day, the Batur wire spaces and spirals must be cleaned by removing upper and side covers.
  7. The lubrication should be done immediately after the machine is washed.
  8. During the first run, sunflower oil is poured over the sieve sheets and the movement of the shaft is gradually given.
  9. In subsequent runs they are first soaked with water.
  10. The machine lubricates itself with the pumpkin while it is running. For this reason the machine should not be operated idle when there is no pumpkin.
  11. The grain container must be cleaned frequently.
  12. Chains, gears, balls and bearings in the machine are often lubricated and chain and belt tension must be checked.
  13. Care should be taken not to allow weeds and stones to enter the machine.
  14. No oil must contact to the belts on the machine.

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Technical Features
Water Reservoir Capacity : 500L
Seed Depot Capacity : 1000kg
Tire Size : 10.75 - 15.3 - 12 Fold
Operation Mode : 540 Rpm with shaft
Required Hydraulic Pressure : Minimum 25lt - Maximum 50lt Hydraulic Pump
Land Conditions : +-%15 Smooth Land without stone
Total Width (In Operation) : 4020mm
Total Width ( on the Road) : 3080mm
Total height (In Operation) : 3300mm
Total height ( on the Road) : 3300mm
Work Width : 1540mm
Track Width : 2360mm
Grain Separation Batur Length : 2900mm
Grain Separation Batur Diameter : 440mm
Capacity ( in wetland / Daily ) : 8 - 10 Hour
Grain Process Capacity ( Productivity / Hour ) : 1500 - 2000 kg Seed / Hour
Total Length : 4850mm
Required Power : 67 - 90 HP and Above
Total Weight ( Empty ) : 3540kg
Total Weight ( Loaded ) : 5040kg
Product Details

Weed Cleaning System

  • The 1st brush on the pinned cylinder separates the weeds on the pumpkin.
  • The blade system added to the front of the conveyor belt separates the weeds coming under the pumpkins.
  • The 2nd brush, which is mounted under the belt, removes the weeds circulating in the blades from the machine.
  • Thanks to this system, it is ensured that the crops get cleaner by avoiding the weeds getting into the machine and also preventing the weeds from decreasing the capacity of the machine by clogging the machine.

Stone Catching System

  • The stones that come in between the pins are caught by the 1st lining in the knife system.
  • The 2nd lining system in the crusher container catches the stones bigger than 7 cm.
  • A 3rd lining system mounted to the Batur container where the separation of the seeds is carried out catches the stones smaller than 7 cm.
  • The stone catching process is followed from the big stone to the small stone and in this way, it prevents the stones of different sizes from entering into the machine and causing damage.

Speed Adjustment Valve

  • 3 hydro motors are existed on the machine which make the move to conveyor band, 1st and 2nd weed cleaning brushes.
  • It increases and decreases the rotation speeds of the hydro motors as desired and adapts to each tractor's pump used.

Bolted Pins

The 400 pins mounted on the cylinder are made of forged steel and can be screwed and removed.

Warning Sensors

The accidents which may occur have been prevented thanks to the revolving lamps and projectors taking the night uses into consideration, alarms to warn the tractor driver in the event of an emergency and automatic signaling when the tank is full, and an easy-to-use is ensured.

Washing System

The 500 lt water tank mounted on the scraper sieves provides an easy operation in the mornings by softening the pumpkin ethane which adheres between the pallet and the sieve and makes the machine work easily. In the same way, it keeps the sieves constantly wet and prevents wear and forcing in the barren lands.

Cleaning Covers

It is designed to be easily cleaned when the user finishes the work thanks to the covers in the Batur and tambour systems.

Working Videos