Squash Machine Group

Thanks to the automatic pumpkin harvester, the need for man power and the workers’ provision, which have become the fearful dreams of the pumpkin farmers, become history and have high workforce and perfect efficiency.

Sunflower Seed Machines Group

It allows a higher capacity and earlier drying of the product by extracting 20% moisture of the extracted grains.

Our Product Family!

We are manufacturing agriculture machines with the advancing technology.

Experience coming from 1976.

Founded in 1976, our company is proceeding with firm and confident steps to the future with the power it has acquired from the past 1976.

Technical Service

We stand behind our products with wide spare parts and technical service that we offer after sales.

High Efficiency

Our products, developed as the latest system, do not harm the grain at all. Product loss drops down by 1%.

Night / Day

It provides superior design and ease of use and allows working in the night. Increase business efficiency by double.

40th Year

For more than 40 years, we are serving our valuable farmers with our products without compromising quality and quality.

Quality & Production

Always quality materials and workmanship has been our principle by adopting the wishes and suggestions of our users considering working environments, land and terrain structure of the products we have produced up till today since our company was established. Every product we produce is completely fabricated and comes out of the mold; thus we provide standard production and quality control.

Our values

Operation Videos

Watch promotional and operation videos of our products.

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With the experience and technological innovations we have, we aim to produce efficient, reliable and reputable agricultural machines that will reduce the human power by virtue of our experience in the sector by being preferred and constantly developing in its sector...


To put customer satisfaction first continuously with our wide use of spare parts and technical support services in our products and be a leading company by providing our harvester with easy harvesting and usage possibility with this mission.