D.P 2400- Pumpkin Seed Harvesting Machine With Depot

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D.P 2400- Pumpkin Seed Harvesting Machine With Depot


  1. It fills the extracted seeds into the depot on it by means of the compressed air.
  2. By means of compressed air, the wetness and the moisture in the grain is removed by 20% and the dirt sticking to the grain is expelled. For this reason, the product is cleaner and the drying rate is reduced by about 40%.
  3. Thanks to the thickened Batur pivots, the resistance is improved and breaks and failure are avoided.
  4. The current capacity of the machine has been increased by enlarging the diameter of the Batur reservoir which separates the grain.
  5. The 1st and 2nd cleaning tambours (sieve plates) are mounted on the machine with bolts instead of welding. By virtue of this advantage, the sieve plates can easily be removed and installed.
  6. Especially when the watermelon-melon or small-grained pumpkin is to be processed in the machine, the tambour sifter can be easily changed by bolts.

The issues to be cared about

  1. Pumpkins removed from the stalks should be kept for 8-10 days. They must not be kept waiting more.
  2. During the first run, the tambour sieves must be lubricated with plenty of sunflower oil and the movement of the shaft is gradually given.
  3. It is enough to soak in water at the first subsequent start-ups.
  4. The machine lubricates itself with the pumpkin while it is running. For this reason the machine should not be operated idle when there is no pumpkin.
  5. The pumpkin must be thrown sufficiently fast in the machine while the machine is running.
  6. If the field is barren and pumpkins are small and less, the pumpkin piles must be made bigger and more as the machine capacity is high, and the machine must not be started while it moving between two piles.
  7. At the end of each job, machine should be cleaned with pressurized water, top and side covers should be opened to clean the Batur wire spaces.
  8. Lubrication should be made after washing. All chains, bearings and balls must be lubricated abundantly.
  9. The oil on the fan belts should be cleaned.
  10. The grain containers to which the grains are poured and hoses are fitted must be cleaned frequently

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Technical Features
Grain Separation Batur Diameter : 440mm
Grain Separation Batur Length : 2400mm
Capacity ( in wetland / Daily ) : 30.000 - 40.000 m2
Grain Process Capacity ( Productivity / Hour ) : 600 - 700 kg Seed / Hour
Seed Depot Capacity : 600kg
Total Length : 3900mm
Total Width (In Operation) : 2600mm
Total Width ( on the Road) : 2200mm
Total Height ( In Operation) : 2800mm
Total Height ( on the Road) : 3335mm
Track Width : 2070mm
Total Weight ( Empty ) : 1320kg
Working Videos