Conveyor Sunflower Seed Thresher

Sunflower Seed Machine Group

Conveyor Sunflower Seed Thresher


  1. It separates the grains from the Sunflower heads.
  2. The extracted grains are loaded to the trailer by dehumidifying by 20% using air pressure.
  3. Does not break, crack or scratch the grains like harvester during sorting and loading.
  4. Thanks to the conveyor arms which are approximated to the user, it provides ease of throwing, reduces product loss to zero and increases capacity.
  5. Capacity is increased as the beating begins at the entrance due to the helical arms.
  6. Since the bottom parts of the recently developed conveyor arms are manufactured in the form of sieve sheet, they pour some of the dust of sunflower flowers at the inlet mouth to make the product cleaner and shorten the drying time of the product according to other models

Issues to be cared about

  1. To ensure that the product is clean and 100% effective at the current capacity, it should be ensured that the heads are cut to the proper size and proper shape. The heads thrown wet cause the product to become dirty and reduce the current capacity of the machine by 50%.
  2. The cut head should not be stack up (the heads underneath get rotten.)
  3. Cut heads are put on the ground in rows with intervals of 4 meters.
  4. Stack (pile) should not be made at certain intervals.

Advantages of correct and adequate drying of the heads;

  1.  Thus, heads will dry much more quickly.
  2. The heads remained at bottom do not get rotten, so the quality of the product does not deteriorate.
  3. Machine does not become empty but works continuously in series so capacity increases.

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Technical Features
Total Width ( On the Road) : 2420mm
Total Width ( In Operation) : 3600mm
Total Length : 3365mm
Total Height : 2380mm
Track Width : 1760mm
Soil Interval : 300mm
Total Weight : 1200kg
Capacity ( in wetland / Daily ) : 40.000 - 50.00m2
Capacity ( in barren land / Daily ) : 130.000 - 140.000 m2
Product Details

Main Sieve System

With high vibration and sieving capacity, it prepared the product to be loaded to the trailer easily.

Fan System

The improved fan system with a 6-hose outlet delivers the seed faster and without clogging. It reduces the drying time of the seeds removing the moisture by 20%.

Dust Sieve System

Since the lower parts of the conveyor arms are manufactured in the form of sieve sheets, some of the sunflower seed flowers are poured at the inlet; and reduces the drying time by making the product cleaner.

Easy open and close Conveyor System

With the split system developed to take the machine to the field or road position, one person can easily open and close the conveyor with the help of the latch.

Working Videos