About Us

Founded in 1976, our company is proceeding with firm and confident steps to the future with the power it has acquired from the past. Working with the principle of constantly adhering to the technological advances and keeping up with new technologies, Selçuk Makine Sanayi produces the followings:  

  • Conveyor Sunflower seed thresher,
  • Sunflower seed thresher,
  • Pumpkin Ranging Fork,
  • T.D 2900 Automatic Picking Pumpkin Seed Harvesting Machine,
  • D.P 2400 Pumpkin Seed Harvesting Machine with depot,
  • K.B Pumpkin-Watermelon-Sugar melon Seed Extracting Machine (Washable) and various Agriculture Machines in 30.000 m² open and 5000 m² indoor area.
  • The designs of all the machines we produce belong to our company and they have the useful model and design certificates.

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